So, today I got to go to my physical with the doctor. Yeah, that is fun in a COVID world. Chairs in the waiting room are roped off, everyone is wearing masks and face shields. Some of them even have on goggles as well.It is very much like getting to step onto the page or screen of some of my favorite post-viral-apocalypse stories, and I am kinda about that…

It can be intimidating to many people, though, especially as even more than pre-COVID, you can smell cleaners and sanitizers on the air. FYI – I am not as much there for that.

So, I went in for a physical to my doctor. And as I am sitting there, I began questioning every norm of going to the doctor ever. Now, this is a new patient for me, as I recently switched to a new practitioner that was closer to me by about 30 minutes. I had a new patient teleappointment and one other telemedicine appointment.

Today, I had my actual go to the building in-person physical. Which when you realize you are kind of excited for a physical – you know that it has been a fed up year. But here we are.

I get there, I am early, I am ready. I check-in, temp check, wait, get called back, another temp check—usual ladedah stuff. Then, take off all your clothes, put on this johnny, and cover up with this paper sheet for modesty. As I followed directions and sat waiting (and freezing), I thought – um wow. In a country that has so many taboos about nakedness and the body, this person says strip for a complete stranger, and I did it without a thought.

What the absolute F?? I get it, I guess. But that thought crossed my mind, and it has been nagging at me since. So, I figured I could share it with you reader, because if I can’t pass my neuroses onto you, then who can I pass them onto?Onto the appointment. First off, props to Ellis Medicine. I procrastinated and managed to not go get my scheduled bloodwork until this morning, at which point I figured I would be waiting for results…but since all the same umbrella, they had my results! Uh. Yay?

SO, my readings are good, or at least in normal ranges for me, except my A1C. It is at 6.5, which means I am technically diabetic. Uh. Okay. So, I thought I would be cool if I was told that, especially since it is a literal just from 6.4 to 6.5. That is the range. A tenth of a point makes you either “pre-diabetic” or diabetic. Its a number, a word, insignificance, right?Guess what people – wrong.

Do you know How I See that? I see that as upsetting. I guess maybe because I am a writer, words deeply matter to me? Perhaps it was that whole well; pre-diabetes is a thing, but is it a thing? The mindset that made me able to push it aside and only half deal with it.

Know what happens when you half deal with it?

That tenth of a percent.

Now I feel like an idiot. I should have dealt with it long ago. If I had dealt with it from the start of the issue, I wouldn’t be here right now. But at least it is only the beginning, I can still deal with it through diet and exercise, so, cool.

BUUUUT – can I?

I mean, I didn’t successfully deal with it that way when I had the chance to push off that tenth of a point for, like, five years.

So, hopefully, that tenth of a point will be the kick in the a** I need to deal with it. Because I assure you, I can do whatever I put my mind to.  \Even kick that tenth of a point in the ass. Even though I suck at cutting out sugar. Also, though, I love food.

I. Really. Love. Food.

So, let’s look at dropping some weight, cutting some carbs, and upping some walking. Since one of the best ways I have to hold myself accountable is sharing with you, my dear readers, then you may get a lot about this. Definitely, more than you want. Hopefully, not more than you are comfortable with.

With that, I am going to roll over and go to sleep. Thanks as always for your attention.

Sigh. I mean, numbers, amiright?

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